Protect, preserve, promote, and support quality public library service in Nova Scotia.


The Honorary Membership Award recognizes outstanding leadership in the advancement of public library trusteeship and public service in Nova Scotia.

1. The Nominee must be a current or past member of LBANS.
2. The Nominee must have provided distinguished service as a trustee on at least two of the local, regional or provincial levels.
3. The length of service to the library community, the offices held, the nature of the contribution(s) made, and the distinctions recognized will be taken into account.
4. Public service in other area" of activity will be considered.

1. The LBANS Honorary Awards Committee will consist of three (3) persons, the Vice-President of LBANS in that year and two Executive members of his/her choice.
2. The nominee must be sponsored by at least two other members of LBANS.
3. Nominations must be submitted on the OFFICIAL NOMINATION FORM, available from the LBANS Secretary or from any member of the LBANS Executive, along with the required documentation.
4. At least two evaluative letters of support from two persons in the library community (beyond the two LBANS nominators) should accompany the documentation required on the OFFICIAL NOMINATION FORM.
5. Nominations and supporting documentation must be received by the LBANS Secretary not later than March 1 in any year.
6. The Award shall consist of a plaque.
7. The Award will be presented at the time of the annual LBANS Conference.
8. If, in any year, no appropriate recipient is identified by the LBANS Honorary Membership Award Committee, no award will be made.